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Texas Panhandle Panama, Persian, and Spanish - American War Memorial

Texas Panhandle Panama, Persian, and Spanish - American War Memorial

The U.S. invaded Panama. After president Manuel Noriega had taken provocative action against U.S. citizens. The operation ended the day U.S. officials took Noriega into custody U.S. forces rapidly neutralized the Panamanian defense force and restored order. total U.S. casualties were 22 hostile deaths, 18 non-hostile deaths, and 240 wounded.

Following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, a broad-based coalition was formed under the aegis of the untied nations to protect neighboring Saudi Arabia, and to call for Iraq's withdrawal from Kuwait. Iraq ignored the U.N. resolutions and the trade ban imposed against it, and continued the build up of its forces in Kuwait to about 300,000 troops. by January 1991 allied coalition strength in the region approached 700,000. The War to liberate Kuwait began on January 16, 1991, with a massive U.S.-led navel and land-based air offensive against Iraq, followed by a ground offensive launched February 24. within four days such Iraqi ground forces that survived the aerial bombardment were destroyed on the ground the rapid victory of the allies may be attributed to their absolute control of the air, and their superitory in all aspects of electronic warfare which, in the desert region which hosted the conflict, made it impossible for Iraqi forces to either defend or attack effectively. total U.S. involvement included 467,939, with 148 hostile deaths, 151 non-hostile deaths, and 467 wounded.

The Spanish-American War signaled the emergence of the United States as a superpower. the fighting lasted about four months. the war began over the liberation of Cuba from Spain, but during the course of the war, the united states gained possession of Guam, Puerto rico, and the Philippines. in November 1897. President William McKinley pressured Spain into granting Cuba limited self- government. within the Spanish empire. Cuban rebels insisted on nothing less than full independence. pro-Spanish mobs rioted against self government. eventually, president McKinley ordered the battleship Maine into Havana on January 25, 1898 to protect Americans from rioters on February 15, 1898. an explosion blew up the ship killing 260 people. outraged Americans blamed Spain for the explosion, which has been a point of contention among historians ever since. after demanding full independence for Cuba, the united states declared war on Spain. The first major battle occurred on May 1st when commodore George Dewey sailed his fleet into manila bay, destroying the Spanish fleet. naval forces commended a partial blockade of Cuba, and engaged the Spanish fleet off Cuba's southeastern coast. LT. Col. Theodore Roosevelt's charge up san Juan hill on July 1st 1898 was the most famous land battle of the war, and made legends out of Roosevelt and his rough rider Calvary regiment. the war officially ended with the signing of the treaty of Paris, Spain granted Cuba its independence and ceded Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to the united states, which in turn paid Spain $20 million for the Philippines. Total U.S. involvement included 392,000, with 362 hostile deaths, 2,621 non-hostile deaths, and 1,637 wounded.

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