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Delhi Oklahoma Historical Monument

Delhi was once a bustling place in Oklahoma and is now only a small community. In 1888, Thomas and Millie Price were one of the first families to settle in this portion of Old Greer County, Texas, which is now south Beckham County, Oklahoma.

The Post Office was built in 1893, the cemetery in 1898, and the gin built by Thomas Price in 1900. Organizations like Woodmen of America and Masons were started in 1900.

In 1903, the one-roomed Delhi Academy was established. The academy was replaced by a consolidated school housed in a new three story red brick structure in 1921. Schools consolidated were Delhi Academy, Old Delhi Agnes, Greenhorn, and Friendship. During the 1930s, over 500 students were enrolled. The red brick school was replaced in 1940 with a new limestone building built by the WPA. In 1963, Delhi High School consolidated with Sayre and Erick. Delhi School was closed in 1968.

After a fire in the early 1920s burned most of the town, Delhi was rebuilt west of its original site and was called New Delhi for a while. At one time there were three general stores (Edgecomb’s, Barefield’s and Robinson’s), a garage, two cotton gins, a post office, a cafe, a baptist church, methodist church, and a doctor. Route 66 went through Delhi at one time. During World War II, an airstrip was built for the military in Delhi.

This historical was made possible by Delhi Alumni. Willis Granite is proud to have been a part of remembering Delhi, Oklahoma. For more information about getting a historical in your community, contact Willis Granite Products. Click Here Now to Contact Us

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